Why B2B eCommerce Solutions are Structured Differently than B2C Platforms

Since more and more of the corporate executives are now younger people they are introducing their own preferences to the business. To stay afloat in the internet age many B2B supplies are also shifting their sales and customer service activities online. However, when they are adding features to the B2B website they should take the differences between the two platforms into account. Focusing on the needs of the B2B buyers helps create a valuable customer experience for them.

Browsing Mode

Instead of offering a website that browses similarly to Amazon providing recommendations and upselling items you should make it easier for the purchasers to buy what they need. You do not need to extensively use media content to engage the customers. The B2B buyers are in a hurry and going through a long shopping list so their orders should be facilitated.

Setting up Accounts and Payment Methods

In B2C eCommerce complexity in payment is one of the reasons customers abandon shopping carts. However, in B2B eCommerce you need not only focus on the simple credit card method and add a store credit option for customers as it is one of the most popular payments modes. B2B customers do not mind the long application process since they have a higher order value and longer sales cycle.

B2B vendors mostly need to establish a relationship with each vendor account so the approval process is streamlined and a special pricing strategy for bulk volume orders is established. This means they have to jump through more hoops to set up an account but they will be willing to do that to benefit in the long-run.

Customer Service

In B2C customer support has to deal with a large number of inquiries but they are not very complex and usually related to the products. B2B customer support however should have the knowledge on technical specifications and details about the product. They should be able to tell customers how the product fits into their system processes of their specific company.

The pre-sale inquiries should be directed to one specific customer service specialist who can reel in the sale by convincing the client of their capabilities. Instead of using live chat to interact with the customers as it is done in B2C, the B2B vendor should focus on delivering more personal experiences and having direct conversations with the clients.

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